Transform your Regular Giving

Discover the 5 Challenges that could be costing you up to 25% of your
Regular Giving income

Here’s How You Can Fix These 5 Challenges and
Transform Your Regular Giving
Make sure you are not losing money today

Challenge 1: Uncontactable donors

If you have lost donors, you are losing income. By lost donor, we mean anyone where the records are incomplete or old and there is a big chance an ask will never reach them.

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Challenge 2: Poor gift records

You need to be 100% reliable when you ask donors to give again and you need to be 110% reliable if you are asking them to increase the gift! If you are spot on, you say the right thing, you are trusted, and you will get gift after gift.

Challenge 3: Identifying your best prospects

Most databases have several dozen individuals that are not good enough for a visit right now, but they are, in truth, a bit too good for a mass ask. It's vital that you identify these people and work with them within your Regular Giving programme to a point when they are worth a visit

Challenge 4: Finding Legators

You should receive the majority or at least a large part of all philanthropy from legacy donations, but, this will be from only a tiny proportion of your alumni in any one year. This means your approaches must be targeted.

Challenge 5: Missing, confusing, inaccurate records

Our data enrichment algorithms do two very special things. They show you what data is missing and how old that data is. They show you which bits matter the most, which will improve your fundraising and engagement most, and which of your potential supporters warrant the most research and attention.

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