About Us 

Educational philanthropy is where sharing and vision meet. By sharing knowledge, young people can achieve their vision, both of the life they aspire to and the world they want to create. Through sharing the knowledge we have gained from over 25 years of relationship fundraising in education, the data insight, the best practice and diverse ways institutions around the world have delivered on their vision, we can help you achieve your vision of educational prosperity.


With our software and support, our clients and customers have raised over £160 million for education, from nearly 375,000 donors. Countless major donors have started their giving through campaigns we have helped facilitate, millions have flowed from legacies and bequests.


And the impact? Hundreds of thousands of students have had their lives transformed through the gift of an outstanding education.


Who We Work With 

We have worked with over 200 institutions. Some of our clients are small local day schools. Some are names famous in the annuals of British and Commonwealth Education. Some are universities among the world’s highest ranks. Some are vocational higher education institutions who transform their students’ career potential. Some are Oxbridge colleges, some are research institutions and specialist tertiary schools. They are in every corner of the globe but have one common connection, our shared vision to change the world through education. We can change educational opportunity through philanthropic support.


Staffing and equipment to enable the delivery of programmes


Professional partnership solutions to deliver exceptional campaigns 


Integrated, powerful, analytical and effective development office software 



Philanthropy is not simply about delivering this year’s target. It is about creating the culture of giving that will ensure that greater philanthropy and thus greater impact can be achieved tomorrow and for generations to come. That’s why we focus on long-term, sustainable success. From the ability to model long-term results, to our software, Serafina, our services and training helps managers and askers deepen relationships. We focus on regular giving, regular results and growing income and participation.