Through the Gifts of many, we can transform Philanthropy

Through Philanthropy, we can transform Education    

Through Education, we can transform the World

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Managed Campaigns, Research & Consultancy 

For over 20 years, we have helped schools and universities across the world run amazing campaigns. We have helped them raise hundreds of millions of pounds and transformed their culture of giving. From fully managed campaigns to advice and consultancy, we can help you too! 

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Want to build the right campaign to ensure your intended goals are met? 

Discover why Serafina is right for you

Read, watch or consult directly with us to gain insight into how you can achieve your mission. 

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Find out which plan is right for your organisation

Our experts, with a combined experience of two decades, can help advise you on the best plan for you and your team. 

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Would you prefer to read about Serafina?

Download our E-book and discover step by step content to attract and engage new prospects and maintain current ones. 



Experience the insight, analysis and modelling that will let you exceed your goals again and again.

Let us show you how to convert strangers into friends, friends into donors, and donors into partners. Serafina makes it easy to understand the potential of your constituency, optimise your data so you are campaign ready, and run the right research programmes.  Serafina's Discovery module means you ask the right people, for the right thing, at the right amount, in the right way, at the right time... every time.

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Target the right people, in the right way, at the right time, every time.

Powerful analytics based on millions of real-world outcomes to look at every constituent.  In depth understanding with visualisations of all the options. Compare pools. Model donor numbers, new donors, regulars, lifetime values. See the effect of different cases, compare solicitation methods, predict the effect of matches and challenges. Cascade campaigns, compare options, evaluate, re-evaluate, produce ROI estimates… have all the evidence to build amazing evidence-based plans that deliver every time.



Streamline omni-channel marketing with personalised engagement and asking across every channel.

Engagement and fundraising today is a symphony of orchestrated touches, nudges, and calls to action.  Being able to deploy these communications across every channel, straight from the system, will transform your results whilst reducing costs and workload.  Now you can create workflows and drive comprehensive, deeply personalised, compelling messages that take all your constituents on a journey; a journey to sustained and ever-growing regular giving.